Valuqo - Get Value For Your Money!

As the name suggests, at Valuqo, we aim to add ‘Values of Art and Luxury with Upstanding Quality of Outstanding services.’ Our store is one of the most trusted e-commerce stores in Australia. We thrive to serve better than the best to our customers as we base our relations on love and trust.

Widest Range of Products at Pocket Friendly Prices!

We divide our products into numerous categories which are further divided into subcategories. This makes it easy and quick for the users to land upon the exact product that they are looking for.

Some of the categories we deal in include:

  • Appliances – This includes all the basic products which are essential to add a sense of completeness to every room of your home.
  • Baby and Kids – May it be a toddler or a 5-year-old notorious kid who is never full with the toys already around, we have a wide range of products for all of them.
  • Baby and Kids – May it be a toddler or a 5-year-old notorious kid who is never full with the toys already around, we have a wide range of products for all of them.
  • Electronics – A category for all our gadget-geeks or someone just looking for a device for work or personal needs. The latest at the best!
  • Furniture – Want to give a modern touch to your house? Begin with having a look into the wide range of exotic and modern furniture that we offer!
  • Tool – A category for all kinds of mechanical tools like compressors, pumps, etc.
  • Pet Care – A category that includes exclusive products for the most beloved member of the family.
  • Home and Garden – For all the nature lovers who are passionate about keeping their house lush green and fragrant, and also for the non-degree doctors in the houses for whom medicinal plants are a blessing.
  • Sports and Fitness – A perfect shopping category for all the fitness freaks who can compromise on anything except their fitness.
  • Health and Beauty – A special category for all the beautiful souls in every house who not only care about physical beauty but also for everyone’s health.
  • Gift and Novelty – A category that might clear your confusion about what to gift your neighbours on their house-warming; or when scrolling to choose a birthday gift for your or your kid’s friends!

Shopping Experience

Users, who are not sure about what they want to put into their bags, can easily go through the featured products on the home page of the site and can get benefits of the drool-worthy offers too!

Best price guarantee

Apart from this, we make sure that we come up with the best prices with no compromise in the quality. When you order any product from us, we pack not just an inanimate object but also our love in the boxes that we safely close with a seal of trust and deliver it right at your doorstep with a surety ofthe best and the stamp of Valuqo’s trust.

Data Privacy

We respect the privacy of our customers and thus, we make sure that your personal data and other information remain confidential We accept hassle-free and secure payments via various secure platforms so that there is no inconvenience.

Feedbacks and suggestions

Moreover, it’s our priority and responsibility to solve any difficulties faced by our customers and we welcome all kinds of suggestions and feedbacks. We assure some facilities without any failure which include:

  • Fast and secure delivery
  • Security of payment and personal data
  • Satisfactory services
  • No strings attached return policies
  • Trustworthy and happy relations


We not only look forward to build new relations with every user but also put in all the efforts to maintain the level of trust that they have instated in us.